Are you ready to become an entrepreneur…

but don’t have a business idea?

Then enter our NEW category, the INNOVATION CHALLENGE where participants are given a challenge, and they create a solution based on that information.

Gibraltar Ventures, a Prudential Company and TecBridge present the 2016 Innovation Challenge.  This intercollegiate Challenge is designed to encourage creative solutions for markets within the financial services industry. Participants are presented with a real world problem and are charged to create a viable solution.  Teams of our 14 member schools are encouraged to fold in not just entrepreneurs, but IT, marketing, engineering, or any other discipline.  The more diverse the team, the better!  These are individuals who might not otherwise form a team.

Be part of the Innovation Challenge and compete for a cash prize!

2016 Important Dates

Registration Opens: Feb 1st, 2016
Help Sessions: Feb 24th & Mar 22nd, 2016
Registration CLOSES: Mar 17th, 2016
Submissions Due: Apr 1st, 2016
Pitch Session: Apr 20th, 2016
Awards Dinner: Apr 28th, 2016